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About Me

Shantala Kay Russell


From Choral to Journalism-High School 1960's-10th Grade

I was very excited to be leaving Junior High and attending "real" High School.

Even though the buildings were just across the street from each other. Everything was going fine until "Choral." My High School Counselor had put the Choral elective on my schedule.

OK, I thought I'll give this a try. I tried my best for a whole week, but only succeeded in making a "joyful noise."

The Choral teacher kept pointing in my direction and saying someone over there is out of tune!

I had a boyfriend a year older than me and a grade higher and I told him of my dilemma. He intervened and talked to his Journalism class Teacher to see if I could get into the class (and leave Choral behind).

The answer was yes and I was welcomed to the school newspaper staff of "The Eagles Talon". I was now a "reporter." So this is how my writing all began!

I still write much better than I sing!!!!

A few years later I worked as a Journalist/Reporter for the

Asheville Citizen Times Newspaper

doing interviews and articles about happenings in Madison County, NC and Asheville, NC.

Thanks so much for " Let Me Tell You About My Chickens." What a charming collection of stories!

My only close-up experience with chickens involved those poor chicks that were dyed and sold at Easter decades ago, but I may have to consider getting more involved with these noble birds.

Being a real dog lover, I especially enjoyed the chapter "Eggs are for dogs too, aren't they?" I could picture that little dog trying to help gather eggs.

Again, I'm thrilled to have won the book; it was a fun read.

Book Winner, Augusta Literary Festival

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