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CNC Grannies*

Health & Wellness Clinic

Reiki & Hypnosis Will Balance Your Life

Reiki Healing has been used for centuries.  Some refer to Reiki as Laying on of Hands.  However, Reiki can be given without touching as well.   

Reiki Practitioners are conduits of healing energy that comes from the Creator of the Universe.  This works much like putting gas into your car.  Imagine the Gas pump (Creator) the hose (Reiki Practitioner) taking the gas to the car (Receiver).

As a Mom I remember kissing my little Toddlers' boo boos to make them feel  better.  Reiki is much like a Mothers' healing touch.

Reiki is not a Religion, but a complimentary healing modality.

Reiki relieves pain plus speeds up your healing process while providing relaxation to you.

Reiki additionally slows respiration, blood pressure lowers and emotional calming occurs.

Persons receiving Reiki remain fully clothed.  Reiki sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes.

CNC Grannies is a non-profit organization (501(c) 4).There is a sliding scale fee to make Reiki and Hypnosis affordable(via CNC Grannies Health& Wellness Clinic) to people needing these complimentary modalities.

Please contact me 704-281-1173 for healing requests.  


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