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Shantala Kay Russell
Writer & Motivational Speaker
Creative Writers Coach

Is there something in your life you would like to change? 
                            Need a little motivation?
           How about laughing...Do you like to laugh?

Kay Russell brings to the speakers podium a life time of experiences, changes and stories to motivate act for your highest and best good.  Russell is a writer... her most recent publication (2017) is in an anthology published by Athens Writers Association entitled Laughin' in Athens (page 37; Too Many Chicken Dinnerswritten under her pen name Shantala Kay Russell.

Russell speaks to all kinds of groups;  Lunch & Learn, Writers Groups, Professional Organizations, and more.
Yes, Russell is an Alternative Health Practitioner; Certified Hypnotist and Certified Hypnosis Trainer (National Guild of Hypnotists), Usui Reiki Master and Medicine Reiki Master (Native American Cree Tradition) and Medicine Woman (Chicora Sioux Tradition).

Russell most of all likes to tell stories! We all have our own story and many people enjoy stories, spoken, written, a play, or a movie! 
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2016 Book Signing at 
Children Story Telling Contest
sponsored by Charlotte Women's World
Shantala Kay Russell
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