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Shantala Kay Russell


Current Writing Project

  Its 2020 and I am getting my Historical Fiction book (set in the North Carolina mountains during World War I) ready for its final editing. Wow this has been a long time project for me and a labor of love. 

I have always loved the mountains and for many years while living in Florida I traveled to

the Great Smoky Mountains National Park every fall.

When I began this book Little did I know that I would find out that my origins are the North Carolina Mountains and foot hills. Yes, I have over 700 living relatives there.

I am happy to be a North Carolina Woman through and through!

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This is my fowl inspired book a delightful read for all age groups.

Funny - Light Hearted

Raising my fowl herd of

100 free range chickens was a fun experience.

This book tells my adventures and a few other peoples chicken adventures as well. 

"Kay's chicken book is funny and educational."

                                       W.B., Charlotte, NC

Enjoy my Short Reads at

[email protected]_writes

The Night I Danced at The Mountain Magnolia Inn, Hot Springs, NC

Henrietta Hen,Peaches The Wonder Dog & A Christmas Wish

Garden Memories; Kentucky Wonder, Kumquats, and Crowder Peas

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Charlotte, NC